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Facility Rules

  • Imaginasium is an unsupervised indoor playground. The parent/guardian is responsible for the child’s safety and safe use of the equipment at all times.​

  • If you or the little one isn’t feeling well, we ask that you wait until everyone is healthy before coming to play. Our goal is to keep all visitors to Imaginasium playground happy and HEALTHY. If you visit while you or your child is ill, you may be asked to come back when everyone is feeling better to help prevent the spread of illness.

  • All parent/guardian are required to sign a waiver acknowledging their full responsibility towards the Child’s safety while inside the playground. Anyone entering the facility has to fill out a waiver. No Exceptions. 

  • Imaginasium is not responsible for any injuries due to the unsafe use of playground equipment.

  • Imaginasium is not responsible for any lost items. All valuables should be left at home or inside your car. Lockers are not available on the premises.

  • Imaginasium is a socks only facility. Everyone (adults and children) must wear socks at all times while in the playground. This is required for the health and safety of all members. No slippers, shoes or bare feet are allowed. If needed, socks are available for purchase at the front counter.

  • No food deliveries permitted unless you have a party room booked for your event. 

  • If you have a party booked, you can come 15mins earlier to setup. After the party time is done, we need the party room to prepare for the next party but the guests can use the facility for as long as they want unless there is a private event booked afterwards. 

  • Any decorations left behind cannot be stored and will be discarded at the end of your event. 

  • No food, drinks, or gums are allowed inside the playground area at any time. ONLY IN THE DESIGNATED EATING AREAS. 

  • Imaginasium is a peanut-free/nut aware facility, no foods that contain peanuts or any other nuts are allowed on-premises. Other foods such as candy, gum, or popcorn are also not allowed.

  • Although Imaginasium is a nut-aware facility, we make every effort to keep it a NUT-FREE environment but we can not promise a total nut-free environment.

  • There are small toys in the playground. Parents and guardians much watch their children at all times to avoid any incidences. 

  • Please select appropriate play clothes. Any loose clothing items like ponchos, scarves, etc can be a hazard to yourself or children

  • No smoking, vaping, or alcohol is allowed at any time on Imaginasium's premises.

  • Any sharp items including sharp ended hairbands or toys are not permitted in the playground.

  • No confetti, piñatas, silly string, or glitter, please.

  • All events and parties should be prior to reservation. Please check for available dates online on our website or by calling us.

  • A $100 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required during the time of booking a party.

  • If you choose to, you can leave your own THEMED paper products/decorations 1-2 days prior to party day, and our staff can help the with getting the room ready for you when you arrive. All you gotta do is have fun.

  • ​Imaginasium staff has the right to refuse admission or ask you or your child to leave if improper use of equipment, unsafe or disrespectful behavior towards others or staff is witnessed.

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